Sunday, October 20, 2013

T.M.Revolution at Otakon 2013

Various pics I've found on the web of T.M.Revolution's live at Otakon 2013. I'm sorry but I don't know who to credit for these pics other than May S Young.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Memories of T.M.Revolution at Otakon 2013

It's official! Takanori Nishikawa is absolutely the sweetest, friendliest, kindest, most adorable man on the planet!

This has been amazing! Thank you Otakon 2013! And thank you "Special Needs" badge! You have made my dreams come true!

Yes! I was able to attend Otakon 2013 in Baltimore, MD. I'm still in shock that this happened. (Thank you Twitter for allowing me to meet the wonderful people who made this happen for me!) I wanted to see T.M.Revolution so badly. And I got to see him! And so much more! More than I had dared to hope for.

Friday! 9 August, 2013... O.M.G.!

There was an announcement about 2 secret autograph sessions with Takanori... as in secret location. It was announced when and where to line up to get special passes for these sessions - limited to 100 people per session.

Thank you "Special Needs"! Due to my heart condition, I had a special priority badge that allowed me certain privileges. I'd lost hope of getting one of those special autograph passes. The line was HUGE and the heat was too much for me. As it turns out my priority pass got me to the front of the line! So I got my autograph pass for the first session, which was on Friday.

Before the autograph session took place, there was the T.M.R. Q&A panel. I was sitting on the center aisle, 7 rows back.

I don't know who this woman is (I'm sorry!) but this is what Takanori was wearing:

Here's another look at Takanori from that day. This was from an interview that he did that I found on the web.

The panel host spent some time talking to Takanori about various things. Then they opened up the panel to questions from the audience. There was a mad dash to the mic. 
They cut off audience questions with just 3 people ahead of me. I was crushed.

BUT THEN! It worked out better for me in the end.

At the autograph session:

I again got to be first in line.
I was going to have Takanori sign the CD booklet from UNDER II COVER, but I bought "Geisha Boy" (which came with a poster) and a little plushie Tabokun. I decided I wanted him to sign my poster instead.

Then I stepped over to the wall to wait. As I was squatted down organizing my stuff I heard cheers from the hallway. Then Takanori walked in!
Brain went offline. I squee-ed "Oh my god! Taka!"
He smiled sweetly, waved at me and said "Hi!"
(I found out later my squee was heard all the way down the hall!)
I went to the table, nervous as could be. Here was Takanori Nishikawa, sitting there, smiling so sweetly. I had so many things I wanted to say to him but I knew my time was limited. First, I got to give him my gift and he thanked me.

I got him a cute matching set of socks and underwear and the Yu-Gi-Oh card that I had made:

I also included a letter, the poem that I wrote (Takanori) and the song lyrics I wrote (Going Home -katei-).

. . . I wonder if he'll take a pic in the undies I gave him? That would be so awesome!

I hope he likes them. I hope they fit. He's so tiny!

Then I blurted out "Oh my god I love you so much!"
"Oh thank you!" he replied, as he smiled so sweetly.

As he signed my poster I told him (quickly) about how he's helped me. I told him about my heart attack and how his music got me through it. Again with that sweet sweet smile.

I showed him my tattoo.
He (and one of his staff, I think) gasped in awe. Again, sweet smile.
I asked him about his mother. (She's doing okay.) And I said that I'd been thinking about her. Sweet, sweet smile. "Oh thank you!"
He shook my hand after he'd signed my poster. His hands are so soft!

This was better than talking to him at the panel. Much more personal. And apparently I did make at least a little impression on him. Because...


After the autograph session I was sitting down the hall, around the corner, sitting on the floor charging my phone.
I heard Japanese, so I looked up.


I waved and said "Hi!" He waved back and said "Hi!"
This wasn't a simple little wave. This was an arm in the air, big wave like waving at a friend. (The first wave, when I had squee-ed so loudly, wasn't a little wave either.) Takanori is very warm and friendly.

I told him he'd given me memories I'll remember the rest of my life. He thanked me for that. I think. I kinda didn't catch just what he said there. Then I called out
"I love you!"
He called back:
"Thank you!"

Takanori Nishikawa is absolutely the most sweetest person ever!
Can I possibly love him even more? Is that possible?

THEN SATURDAY!! 10 August... O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you again, "Special Needs". I didn't have to stand in line.

They had a special section for us, very close to the end of the catwalk. I was on Shibasaki-san's side of the stage, 2nd row of our section.

First was Home Made Kazoku.

They were great!!
O.M.G. he is awesome!
Admittedly I'm not overly familiar with HMK but they really brought it. They were a lot of fun. I can see why they are so popular!

Then it was time for


He was wearing one of his Inazuma Rock Festival costumes, one of my favorites too.
I heard "Cloud Nine" and I screamed because I knew Takanori was taking the stage.

Preserved Roses (with a recording of Nana Mizuki's voice)
Save The One, Save The All
Naked Arms
Heart of Sword

The party must go on
Tomorrow Meets Resistance (with Home Made Kazoku)

{Picture taken from U-Ichi's (Home Made Kazoku) DJ booth.}

I know I'm in this pic. The camera is pointed right in my direction but I'm so short! I can't find me!

To say that T.M.Revolution was awesome is an understatement. He was beyond amazing.

I will cherish these memories forever. I will never ever forget this. I got to meet my beloved Takanori Nishikawa. He was so sweet to me, so kind, so friendly. He will never be replaced in my heart.

I will always love him dearly.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tweets from 西川さん

I created my Twitter account on March 20, 2011, for the sole purpose of following Nishikawa Takanori's Twitter account. For those who don't know, Takanori records using the name T.M.Revolution. (The T.M. stand for Takanori Makes.) He is also the vocalist for abingdon boys school.

Note: Twitter Birth Certificate courtesy of

I couldn't even begin to tell you how many tweets I've sent to Takanori. Thousands and thousands I'm sure. When I joined Twitter I never even dared to dream that maybe, just maybe, he might reply. Yet... HE HAS!

I feel very blessed that Takanori has replied to me! At the time of this writing he has replied to me 23 times.

Needless to say, I'm beyond thrilled.

Takanori has replied to me on a number of subjects ranging from his beloved dog, Wi, to the earthquakes in Japan, to health (both his and mine), and more.

I wanted to share some of these tweets. Obviously, every reply I receive from him is very special to me. I tried to pick just a few, and that wasn't easy. 

Something I have a tendency of doing is telling Takanori good night. I'm not sure why I do this. It's just something I do. More than once he's wished me a good night and once he even wished me sweet dreams. This was particularly meaningful to me since I had said that I hoped to see him in my dreams.

On another night, I had mentioned loving Japan and how my dream was to visit (or move) there.

There was a time last year that his dog, Wi, had to have surgery for a mammary tumor. He tweeted about this quite a bit. And I often asked how she was doing. One morning (well, morning in Japan) I asked about her and got an amusing reply.

Now let me be clear, I am very proud of Takanori and his English skills. English is not an easy language to learn. Still, he does amuse his English-speaking fans. He's just so cute! Gotta love him!

The last reply I want to share is very special to me. There is a story behind it.

As quite a few people know, I had a  heart attack in February of 2009. I had, and still have, a wonderful doctor and we have an excellent cardio team at the local hospital.

While I was in the hospital, extremely frightened as you can well imagine, I listened to Takanori's music over and over. Even though I don't know Japanese (yet) his beautiful, angelic voice gave me strength and hope. I credit him with helping me make it through.

Now... I would never advise anyone to get a tattoo of a particular band or person. Tastes change. Things happen. And you might end up regretting that tattoo.

Having said that, I KNOW my feelings for Takanori will never change. I will always love him. I will always support him. Always.

For a long time I'd felt the need to get a tattoo of Takanori's logo as T.M.Revolution. It would be like always having him with me. I could look at it when I needed that strength, that hope, that he'd given me in the hospital.

I finally got that tattoo and posted a picture of it on Twitter. Takanori saw it and replied.

I'm always excited, always thrilled when he replies to me... but this reply was special to me above and beyond the others. Yes, it was a short reply. That's not the point. It was the acknowledgement that he saw my tattoo. He knows he is always a part of me now. When I got his reply, quite honestly, I sat in my chair and cried.

Takanori means the world to me. He's so important to me. I can't even explain it. He's an inspiration to me and to so many others. Not just because he's a "rock star". It's more than that. He's such an amazing man off stage too. All of his accomplishments... they aren't just in music. He's helped so many people with the charity he founded after the 3/11 earthquake/tsunami. There's just so much I could say about him.

There are numerous celebrities on Twitter. Not all of them do their own tweeting. Their staff tweets for them. Not Takanori. He does his own tweeting. Some of it is promotional. Some of it is candid, about his personal life. Not all of these celebrities reply to their fans, especially not to fans who are tweeting to them in a foreign language to their own. Not Takanori. He replies to his fans. Not just in Japanese.

And I have been blessed. Takanori has replied to me. 23 times now. And I will never forget this.